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I have worked professionally in IT for the past 10 years building solutions ranging from automating daily tasks to software systems.

Application Hosting & Development

  • Servers/Cloud
    • Internet Information Services
    • Apache
    • Hyper-V
    • Azure
    • AWS

  • Languages
    • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery
    • ASP.NET Framework & Core
    • C#, VB, PHP, Java
    • PowerShell, SQL
    • XAML/Xamarin
    • Python

Building Custom Software

  • Application Modules
    • Project Management
    • Asset Tracking
    • HR Application
    • Timecards/Scheduling
    • Warehouse Inventory
    • Near Real Time Analytics
    • Driver ELD Review
    • Financial Reporting
    • Point of Sale System
    • iOS/Android Phone Applications

Database Architecture & Modeling

  • Servers
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • IBM DB2
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
    • Azure Managed Instance
    • Azure SQL Database
    • SQLite
    • Oracle SQL Server
    • AWS Glue

Data Warehouse & Analytics

  • Tools
    • SQL Server Integration Services
    • Normalization vs Denormalization
    • Slowly Changing Dimensions
    • Snowflake vs Star Schema
    • Entity Relationship Diagram
    • Custom Executables & Payloads

  • Reporting
    • SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Power BI
    • Microsoft Access & Excel

How I can help

Embrace technology and use it to gain more hours for your business

Mobile Development/Pentesting

Create and test mobile apps following secure best practices.


Pull data from external APIs into your database


Automated reporting to fit your business needs

Penetration Testing

Protect your business and assets


These were some of my favorite projects I have built.

custom software

Business Specific HR Software

Every business is different, and you deserve what is best for it.

  • Track Employee Data & Reviews
  • Hierarchy Organizational Chart
  • Schedule Calendar & Timecards
  • Custom Position Data with History
  • Birthday & Work Anniversary Reminders
  • Incident Reporting
data modeling

Design & Build Data Warehouse

Your data is valuable and should be leveraged to help make important decisions. Build an Entity Relationship Diagram to map out your database to visualize what you have.

Starting from a Profit & Loss report, I built out dimension and fact tables that are loaded every morning by an SSIS package. We were able to build historical financial reports that would run in under 10 seconds for a $100 million dollar company. The Data Warehouse was key to uniting the separate Financial and Operation Systems.


Project Management Software

The right tools are essential for any job and a personal Project Management System can streamline and visualize the future.

  • Kanban Board
  • Development Request System with Approvals
  • Roadmap with Sprint Planning & Gantt Chart
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Lessons Learned Knowledge Base
  • Project Charter & Service Level Agreements
down slope

Predictive Analytics

Allow your data to make the business decisions. Push your data through statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes.

Worked with teams to build a probability index for Employee retention from gauging tenure, hours worked per week, drive time from home to the office, and several other key factors using linear regression and a decision tree. We were also able to segway this model to predict the likelihood of an accident on the job.

About Me

I received my BS in Mathematics from Oklahoma State University and I am a self-taught programmer. I enjoy finding the solution to problems and analyzing patterns for optimization. I hold multiple certifications for Penetration Testing, Project Management, and Cloud Services.

it's me, andrew

Andrew Herd

Security Consultant


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Fayetteville, Arkansas

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